Deliver simple client experiences that impact lives & deepen relationships with less work.

With a proven client success tool to help you easily measure client performance and uncover real-time actionable stories about what's working or not as you guide your clients to results.


Client Success Tracker

Your clients love you! You already have some amazing client success stories without a solid client success strategy... imagine what would happen if you had one that made things so much easier for you and your clients.

You could support your clients more meaningfully and deepen relationships, connection, and commitment without you/your team playing savior or bending over backward to make it happen.

You could have clients who confidently own the parts they are accountable for in their success, as you own yours.

You could scale your business by hiring team members or using automated systems without burning out, seeing a dip in your client success rates, or hurting client relationships.

You could have clients who think you are an absolute rock star and recommend and refer you to their peers, so you don't have to do so much cold lead-generating.

You could enjoy the life you built as you run a profitable business and make MORE impact in your life, your clients' lives, and the lives of those they touch...

That's what the Client Success Tracker helps you achieve.

You'll get real-time actionable stories about your client performance based on proven client success strategies to:

  • SHOW EVERYONE WHERE THEY STAND IN REAL-TIME: Know where each client stands and how much effort they put into getting there so you improve client motivation and ownership. Plus avoid refund requests and spot opportunities to delight clients.

  • TAKE THE EMOTION AND GUESSWORK OUT OF DECISION-MAKING: Identify when and where clients need more support and where they are excelling so you can correct their steps in real-time. This also helps you decide if and when they are ready to graduate to the next program in your offer ladder.

  • IMPROVE COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION: Set a strong foundation for client goal setting and managing client expectations so you and your clients are aligned about where they are going and how to get there.

  • STRENGTHEN CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS AND BOND: Create a safe space where clients believe and feel like you are invested in their success.

  • IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES FOR CLIENT SUCCESS WITH EASE: Uncover opportunities to improve how you deliver your program/services plus see who needs more support, who is the best fit for your services, and the areas of your service that are redundant or complicated.

  • IMPROVE YOUR EXPERTISE: Learn the reasons why your clients are struggling so you become a better coach, consultant, or expert. When you get better, your clients stick around and tell others how great their experience with you has been.

  • SHOW YOUR STAKEHOLDERS YOUR SERVICE/PROGRAM WORKS: Get useful insights that you can include in case studies, upsells, etc. whether you are seeking investors, creating marketing campaigns, developing useful tools and resources for lead-generating or managing objections in sales calls.

I get it!

It is tough to deliver a simple world-class client experience that gets client results with ease...especially as you scale.

You went into business to build relationships and impact generations. Your goal is to transform your life and the lives of your clients and anyone they touch...not to fight with people who don't care about their results.

Your clients get results if they do the work. So, why don't they even though you gave them complementary 1:1 calls and added every resource you could think of?

It should be easy to scale and get client success using automated tools or hiring people. But why does it feel like you are working harder than ever to get client results?

Plus, you want to make MORE IMPACT & INCOME so spending hours on calls asking clients 100s of questions to understand their progress and do troubleshooting is just implausible.

What if I told you: You are probably battling these obstacles because you don't have clear visibility into what is or isn't working in your client experience?

And lucky for you - the Client Success Tracker helps you do just that with ease. Let me show you how to create simple scalable client experiences that get client results in a way that's easy for you and your clients.

You are not alone...

For far too long too many online coaches, consultants, and experts struggle to serve clients using service delivery models created by gurus who cared more about scaling and revenue.

  • Group coaching calls with 100s of clients where 90% of the time is spent teaching.
  • Giving each client a few minutes of their time to ask questions on a group call.
  • Totally eliminating 1:1 access (or making clients pay for them)
  • A private Facebook community for clients to post wins and questions.
  • Sending automated reminders about work to be done.
  • Giving clients access to a portal full of training videos and worksheets.

These models increased their efficiency, scalability, and convenience...but made it hard for clients to get results with ease... They put most of the responsibility for results on the clients... although clients don't know what they don't know and hired the business owner to get expert support.

That's why clients struggle to get results under these models... And that's why, when you copy and paste those scaling models into your business, it takes a lot of work for you to serve with excellence, make an impact, and get client results.

Without clear visibility into what's working or not about your client experience, you are using a "hope and pray" strategy that leads to client success with more work.

The Client Success Tracker uses proven client success strategies to shed light on your clients' performance and experience. You get real-time stories that help you give your clients the best support possible and improve your program or service for the better.

And the best part is: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business. It doesn’t matter what your revenue is. This tracker helps coaches, consultants, and experts at all levels.

What matters most are three things:

  • You are a coach or consultant who desires to make MORE impact and income as you strengthen client relationships & enjoy the heck out of the life you've built.
  • You want to deliver a world-class scalable client experience that gets client success with ease even as you hire a team and use automated systems.
  • You have a proven 1:1 or group framework for getting tangible and intangible client results over a set period of time.





Designed to help coaches, consultants & experts with a proven framework:

Get client results. Do less work. Deepen client relationships. Make more impact & income.

(even if you hate tech/numbers and have an intangible outcome... and definitely without keeping things small, or spending long hours on client calls, answering countless questions on Slack/Voxer/Messenger, or checking Google docs or FB Group posts!

(Click below to play the video. Remember to unmute!).


  • A generic goal and accountability tracker that allows your clients to put in their progress then you struggle to figure out what they need and when.
  • An automated coaching platform...
  • Just a Google spreadsheet...

Here's what the Client Success Tracker is.

It turns real-time data about your client performance into actionable insights you can use to:

  • Support your clients and help them get results with ease NOW
  • Revamp how you deliver your services/program so you create simple client experiences that get client success with ease...FOREVER.

Business owners making impact & income with JOY...

Okwa B.

I wholeheartedly give this testimonial because of the impact Chanel (and her Check This Client Next approach) has had on my business. I'm better equipped to get my clients and myself results. Chanel and her tools taught me to work smarter, not harder and give my clients a smoother experience that gets them results. So if you are looking for a way to really get structured and serve your clients in a way that doesn't overwhelm you, then Chanel is a good strategic partner who can work with you.

Shanalese L.

Chanel is a high-achieving no-nonsense, get-it-done type of woman. She doesn’t play. Through our work, we were able to consistently live up to our mantra. Today, we successfully serve more clients in less time because she helped to streamline critical program processes and tools that helped us deliver results & great client experiences. As a result, our customers provide glowing references which speak to the results they get and the experiences they have lived. We cannot recommend Chanel highly enough.


You can select any of two payment options: $997 or $2500.

I’m not going to do some fancy price anchor or price drop.

I’m not going to do any value stack thingy where I tell you the entire value of the tracker is actually $22,000 but you can get it for a lower price…

No, you are smarter than that. You know that this tracker is insanely valuable and you will get an ROI from it… especially because you can use it over and over again at no additional cost and use the data stories to transform your client experiences forever! Plus none of the popular coaching platforms have the support-needed-at-a-glance feature. Yes, I checked!

You probably work with clients who invested way more than $997/$2500 and getting those clients results with ease will give you more opportunities to turn those clients into raving fans who refer you and buy from you on repeat.


  • You enjoy "saving" your clients although you're exhausted and overwhelmed.
  • You hate trying anything new even if helps you and your clients.
  • You won't act on the insights the tracker gives you.
  • You are not bothered by clients who disengage, fall behind, churn, or don't get results.


  • Your coaching/consulting framework gets your clients tangible and intangible results within a set timeframe. Not sure if it will work for you? Send me a Facebook DM.
  • You desire to make more income and impact.
  • You are not tech-savvy or a numbers person. The tracker is easy to use and each page has a simple layout.
  • You have clients. The tool accommodates 12 clients but businesses with a lot of clients use it too. Some break their clients into groups. Others give each team member a copy of the tracker.
  • Client Success Tracker (Lifetime Access, Including Updates to Google Sheets Version)
  • 3 Quick & Simple "how to" training videos to help you get started
  • 60 Days of “How to Use the Tracker to Get Client Success” Tips via Email
  • Lifetime 1:1 SOS 15-min "Pick-my-brain" Access to me at a discounted price
  • BONUS #1: A Quick Intro Video to show your clients how to use the tracker (so it's easier to explain what they need to do and why)
  • BONUS #2: A Quick Video that shows you how to start using the tracker even if you are in the middle of your program/service.

If you don’t want to do the setup alone or need help quantifying/ breaking down your program, we’ve got you covered!

Get everything in OPTION #1 PLUS: A 60-min 1:1 concierge session so you and the tracker are ready to go.

During this session, we will have fun as you, me, and my trusty virtual whiteboard work together to:

  • Break down and quantify your program or service,
  • Strategize how you can maximize the tracker in your program/service,
  • Set up the tracker, and get you ready to take off!

Hi, I'm Chanel Robe!

Before I talk about myself, I want to talk about you. God sees your heart for your clients and has been thinking about you and how to help you make more impact with less work.

When I entered the online space, I knew there was a better way for coaches and consultants to track client performance. One Friday afternoon, a bolt of lightning struck me. The entire vision for the Client Success Tracker flooded my mind. I built out the first version in one weekend.

I'm excited that God trusted me to get it to you. I pray that the tracker helps you get results like my clients who helped clients in 5-mins when it usually took them 24 hours. Or get client results while fulfilling their dreams and improving their relationships with family and friends...even as they added teams & automated systems.

My friend, go forth and get client results and make more impact with ease.

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